English Martyrs Catholic Primary School

Star Pupils

On this page we celebrate our 'star children of the week'. Well done to all of them!

w/e 26 October 2018
Reception Laila F and Theo D
Year 1 George B and Cecelia H
Year 2 Harry B and Prince A
Year 3 Penny O and Rose H
Year 4 Aaron M and Betsy D
Year 5 Bethany G and Lukas
Year 6 Zuzanna D and Cezary C
w/e 19 October 2018
Reception Kalin B and Rehanveer P
Year 1 Benita D and Elizabeth H
Year 2 Ruby W and Adon B
Year 3 Henry RE and Hector H
Year 4 Betsy D and Gabriel S
Year 5 Alan B and Orla C
Year 6 Niamh E and Nina G
w/e 12 October 2018
Reception Christine W and Roisin K
Year 1 Scarlett S and Caitlin J
Year 2 Lily F and Sophie F
Year 3 Pahul M and Jack A
Year 4 Samuel O and Miley E
Year 5 Emily S and Mihails B
Year 6 Krista G and Lucy B
w/e 5 October 2018
Reception Ariana S and Gabriel F
Year 1 Orla M and Sechael L
Year 2 Raffaella B and Valentina N
Year 4 Teddy M and Cara FF
Year 5 Declan M and Eloise T
Year 6 Maia R and Edward S
w/e 28 September 2018
Reception Harper B and Samuel A
Year 1 Joseph C and Ava FF
Year 2 Millie M and Lennon M
Year 3 Elizabeth W and James L
Year 4 Ellie J and Jack T
Year 5 Amelie L and Pacey B
Year 6 Tulsi T and Sebastian D
w/e 21 September 2018
Year 1 Alister S and Joseph C
Year 2 Oscar D and Esther O
Year 3 Freya B and Anthony M
Year 4 Martin RS and Olivia R
Year 5 Trixie K and Zack A
Year 6 Weronika M and Finnian F
w/e 7 September 2018
Year 1 Praise B and Noah El
Year 2 Ava T and Bedford B
Year 3 Sebastian NK and Jonathan NK
Year 4 Ben A and Ava B
Year 5 Isabella G M and Samuel A
Year 6 Isabel H and Jack B

School Year 2017/18

w/e 18 May 2018
Reception Finlay R
Year 1 Nevaeh E and Jasmine M
Year 2 Jude M and Penny O
Year 3 Jack T and Bella P
Year 4 Louis F and Alfie S
Year 5 George M and Maia R
Year 6 Ciaran R and Vivien H
w/e 11 May 2018
Reception Emmanuel O and George B
Year 1 David D and Lilly F
Year 2 Elspeth P and Maddison G
Year 3 Zachary T and Ava B
Year 4 Eloise T and Harry C
Year 5 Seb D and Lily M
Year 6 Daniel P and Martha F
w/e 27 April 2018
Reception Praise A and Alexandra R
Year 1 Leon K and Raffaella B
Year 2 Pahul M and Joachim A
Year 3 Maja P
Year 4 Lukas F and Jesse R
Year 5 Lucy B and Jack B
Year 6 Declan C and Constance D
w/e 23 March 2018
Reception Caitlin J and Benita D
Year 1 Sope J and Millie M
Year 2 Cillian W and Caelan C
Year 3 All of Year 3 for their impeccable behaviour during their Egyptian Day
Year 4 Jessica C and Harry C
Year 5 Tulsi T
Year 6 Martha F and Ben J
w/e 16 March 2018
Reception Abigail O and Ivan Q
Year 1 Adon B and Esther O
Year 2 Henry RE and Austin B
Year 3 Nathan W and Samuel O
Year 4 Clodhagh W
Year 5 Aiden A and Emily P
Year 6 Raphi K and Hugo S
w/e 9 March 2018
Reception George B and Cecilia H
Year 1 Ava T and Bedford B
Year 2 Edward D and Amelia R
Year 3 Betsy D and Gabriel S
Year 4 Samuel A
Year 5 Weronika M and Daisie-Mai
Year 6 Oliver A and Ambrose D
w/e 16 February 2018
Reception Alister S and Orla M
Year 1 Sophia W and Ruby W
Year 2 Jack A and James L
Year 3 Tate M
Year 4 Emily S
Year 5 Claudia O
Year 6 Francis C and Isabella N
w/e 9 February 2018
Reception Caitlin J and Jerome J
Year 1 Jakub J and Michal K
Year 2 Oliver W and June M
Year 3 Ellie J and Bobby-Lee GT
Year 4 Isabella GM and Noah N
Year 5 Efosa B and Isabel H
Year 6 Kieran SM and Luke D
w/e 2 February 2018
Reception William S and Finlay R
Year 1 Victoria M
Year 2 Edward D
Year 3 Juliano C and Shiloh A
Year 4 Charlotte P
Year 5 Suzanna D and Edward S
Year 6 Erin F and Louis R
w/e 26 January 2018
Reception Millie B and Freddie M
Year 1 Millie B and Freddie M
Year 2 Hector H and Alfie J
Year 3 Ava B and Teddy M
Year 4 Joshua S and Alfie CC
Year 5 Joanna JT
Year 6 Isabella N and Ciaran R
w/e 19 January 2018
Reception Olive Akerero and Emmanuel Oyebade
Year 1 Nevaeh Ellis and Raffaella Bianco
Year 2 Charlie Simons
Year 3 Amber Robbins and Minnie Woodhouse
Year 4 Nika Strode and Samuel Attenborough
Year 5 Ava Deery and Jotham Akinremi
Year 6 Nathan Bower and Lola Bailie
w/e 15 December 2017
Reception Remi Kelcher and Alex Sterne
Year 1 Jake Sterne and Olivia-Mae Charles
Year 2 Maddison Grimsley and Joachim Akinremi
Year 3 Skyla Needs and Samuel Oyetunji
Year 4 Isabella Garcia-Moya and Noah Nix
Year 5 Sebastian McMahon and Evie Parkes
w/e 17 November 2017
Reception Freddie Melvin and Jasmine Thacker
Year 1 Harry Bowns and Prince Antwi Boasiako
Year 2 Austin Bishop and Elspeth Pheasant
Year 3 Olivia Rust and Arjan Nandhra
Year 4 Alan Bukatko and Charlotte Pheasant
Year 5 Niamh Evans and George Morris
Year 6 Isabella Norris
w/e 10 November 2017
Reception Cecilia Hughes and Maxwell Injai
Year 1 Sophie Fletcher and Sope Johnson
Year 2 Cara Richardson and Caelan Curran
Year 3 Oscar Cielecki and Betsy Deery
Year 4 Trixie Kilner and Trixie Sean Dempsey
Year 5 Agnes Bawuah and Finnian Faria
Year 6 Nathalie Burns
w/e 3 November 2017
Reception Elizabeth Harrison and Noah Ellis
Year 1 Lennon Montgomery and Lilly Fleetwood
Year 2 Penny O’Neill and Kasper Pierzchala
Year 3 Ben Allard and Miley Ellis
Year 4 Lukas Fitzpatrick and Bethany Geddes
Year 5 Patrick Coulson and Maia Rabone
Year 6 Emily Smyth
w/e 20 October 2017
Reception Jasmine Thacker and Secheal Laye
Year 1 Ruby Wood and Kyler Cuaresma
Year 2 Macie-Marie Melvin and Jonathan Nay-Knuppel
Year 3 Bella Powell and Aaron Morris
Year 4 Amelie Loydall and Isla Jamieson
Year 5 Katie Robinson and Jack Jones
Year 6 Molly Johnson
w/e 13 October 2017
Reception Millie Bowns and Joseph Callaghan
Year 1 Ava Thomas and Sophia Wood
Year 2 Hubert Cybulski
Year 3 Connie Fox and Zachary Taylor
Year 4 Olivia Allen and Declan Montgomery
Year 5 Nina Grabos and Jessica Deery
Year 6 Aleshia Biju and Harrison Moors
w/e 6 October 2017
Reception Ava Flint-Francis and Emmanuel Oyebade
Year 1 David Donkor and Jasmine McGrath
Year 2 Cillian Wynne and Amelia Rzeszutko
Year 3 Jack Thompson and Abigail Stevenson
Year 4 Emily Spilletts and Alfie Clifton-Chan
Year 5 Jack Bower and Lily McManus
Year 6 Connie Palmer and Lelia Stalker
w/e 29 September 2017
Year 1 Esther Oyebade and Bedford Bawuah
Year 2 Pahul Mutti and Jack Attenborough
Year 3 Angelo Laye and Luca Davidescu
Year 4 Amelia Webber and Harry Coales
Year 5 Sebastian Durrant and Lucy Basford
Year 6 Alisa Soji and Daniel Pratt
w/e 22 September 2017
Year 1 Bobby Vince and Valentina Norini
Year 2 Sebastian Nay-Knuppel and Rose Harrison
Year 3 Oskar Fleetwood and Cara Flint-Francis
Year 4 Noah Nix
Year 5 Alice Hamill and Aidon Arul
Year 6 Declan Colledge and Meredith Godbehere
w/e 15 September 2017
Year 1 Diogo Ribeiro-Samina and Esther Oyebade
Year 2 Amber Sutton and James Loydall
Year 3 Maja Pokorska and Thomas Nathan
Year 4 Charlie Pratt and Orla Crowley
Year 5 Ryan Allard and Lacie Gallagher
Year 6 Ben Johnson and Megan Robinson
w/e 8 September 2017
Year 1 Adon Biju and Michal Kaluzny
Year 2 Anthony Mmieh and Freya Bishop
Year 3 Ellie Jennings and Patryk Bielecki
Year 4 Jessica Clarke and Zack Andia
Year 5 Tulsi Thacker and Cezary Cybulski
Year 6 Martha Farmer and Leah Charnock