English Martyrs Catholic Primary School


Meet the friendly staff of our school.

Mrs G Deery

Miss Petras

Mr Bromage

Mrs Stawt

Mrs O'Connor

Mrs Rouledge

Mrs Jones

Mrs Long

Mrs Skuse

Miss Pichon

Mrs Lau

Mrs McTeigue

Mrs Morrow

Mrs Olifent

Mrs Palmer

Mrs Robinson

Miss Smith

Mrs Stuchbury

Mrs B Thompson

Mrs Wilson

Miss Sands

Mrs D Thompson

Mrs Batchelor

Mrs Caldecott

Mrs E Deery
Mrs Hannifin

Mrs Sands

Mrs Spilletts
Mrs Bell

Mrs Beaman

Mrs Butcher

Staff List

Name Title/Responsibility
Mrs G Deery Headteacher
Miss E Petras Deputy Head, Year 3 Teacher, Maths
Mr G Bromage Reception Teacher, KS1 Leader, ICT
Mrs L Stawt Year 1 Teacher, Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs H O'Connor Year 2 Teacher, Humanities
Mrs L Rouledge Year 2 Teacher, Art and Design
Mrs R Jones Year 4 Teacher, PE
Mrs E Long Year 4 Teacher, Music
Mrs H Skuse Year 5 Teacher, Science, DT
Miss C Pichon Year 6 Teacher, SENCO, KS2 Literacy Lead
Mrs S Lau Teaching Assistant
Mrs S McTeigue Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Morrow Teaching Assistant
Mrs E Olifent Teaching Assistant
Mrs P Palmer Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Robinson Teaching Assistant
Miss S Smith Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Stuchbury Teaching Assistant
Mrs B Thompson Teaching Assistant, Midday Supervisor
Mrs K Wilson Teaching Assistant
Miss B Sands Office Manager, Midday Supervisor
Mrs D Thompson Caretaker
Mrs S Batchelor Midday Supervisor
Mrs S Caldecott Midday Supervisor
Mrs E Deery Midday Supervisor
Mrs A Gupta Midday Supervisor
Mrs Y Hannifin Midday Supervisor
Mrs J Sands Midday Supervisor
Mrs D Spilletts Midday Supervisor
Mrs R Bell Cook, Cleaner
Mrs C Beaman Kitchen Assistant
Mrs C Butcher Kitchen Assistant