English Martyrs Catholic Primary School

Photograph Gallery

Please enjoy this selection of photographs from around our school, showing our children at work and at play.

Lenten Dressing Up Days in 2017.

Year 3's Egyptian Theme Day in March 2017.
It is true that children work so hard at school their work is even taller than they are.

Two Year 5 children had a reply from the Queen when they asked her various questions. How special!
The School Council enjoying the new library furniture.

Year 6 enjoying a transition to secondary school road safety workshop in March 2017.
Children enjoying a drumming workshop in February 2017.

Staff enjoying Christmas Lunch.
Year 6 at Somerset House in December 2016.

Year 6 trip to London.
A silent disco (which turned out not to be that silent).

Fine dining time for Reception children.
Winners of the table tennis tournament in October 2016.

Taster basketball sessions.
Year 1 cheerleading. What fun!

Whole school dream catcher.
Children in Year 4 studying Roald Dahl.

Ghostbusters have come to Year 2 during the performing arts competition.
A Year 6 pupil who has been chosen to fight for England in Tae kwon-do. We are all very proud of her.

Year 6 production of Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits.
The EU Referendum. How did you vote?

First Holy Communion children on 11 June 2016.
Year 1 Tea Party shared with parents.

'We Are Writers' is a book of stories and poems written by children in Key Stage 2.
Lawrence Sheriff School performing to the children in July 2016.

Year 6 measuring the train to create a model.
Year 1 undertaking kerbwise training.

A Year 5 pupil looking after the gerbils for the weekend. His mum was very impressed with how well he cared for them.
Year 1 making numicom cookies - yummie!

These are the new playground rules that we have created together so we can all have good playtimes.
A new classmate in Year 5 called Copernicus. He could not get a school uniform to fit.

Another new class member of Year 5 - Galileo, who is enjoying the science lessons with the pupils.
Fine Dining ready to start again.

Year 6 creating their Ancient Greek Temples.
Three Year 6 pupils baked cakes and raised £90.45 for the Rugby Group pilgrimage at Easter to Lourdes. Well done Boys!

New school windows.
Children watching the Beauty and the Beast pantomime in the Belgrade Theatre.

British Values display.
The hair stall at the Christmas bazaar organised by some Year 4 children.

Year 4 children arranged their own Christmas Bazaar stall called 'Guess the number of sweets'.
Superhero against bullying.

Confirmationi in November 2015 with Bishop William Kenney.
Confirmation Cake 2015.

Look at what marvellous pyramids I have made with different bases.
A new reading throne for all to enjoy.

A year 6 pupil very proud of his homework.
PTFA raising funds for the MacMillan charity, £200 was raised. The cakes were enjoyed by all!

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