English Martyrs Catholic Primary School

School Meals

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Since September 2014, English Martyrs School has refurbished its kitchen to be able to provide for Foundation and Year 1 children to all have a free school meal. The menus are healthy with children having sensible options each day.

Foundation children have their meal first every day at 12.00 noon. This is followed by the Year 1 and 2 children at 12.05pm. Key Stage 2 children eat on a rota system from 12.15pm.

The children are encouraged to clear away their dishes and tidy their own areas.

Packed lunches eat in the same hall as the hot meals. Parents are asked to provide children with a healthy lunchbox, containing no fizzy drinks or sweets allowed. Often children can be given too much to eat in their packed lunches which they find difficult. Children who have their own packed lunches bring their rubbish back home so that their parents have an indication of how much they have eaten that day. Parents would be informed if the school has any concerns about their child at lunchtimes.

There is a wide variety of activities and clubs for children to take part in during the dinner period. The school has increased the number of dinner supervisors to enable children to access more areas of the school. Those children who have clubs, especially sport and music, are able to eat their lunch to enable them to do their activities.

If you believe your child qualifies for Free School Meals, please let us know, even if you do not wish to partake in the school meal, since this has an impact on our Pupil Premium allocation. You can apply for free meals for Year 3 to 6 pupils by completing a Free School Meals Application Form.

Our Current Menus

Our school offers a multiple-choice menu which rotates every four weeks. Here are our dinner menus:

Fine Dining Award

These children have shown good manners whilst eating their lunches. They are then invited to have a fine dining experience the following week using proper knives and forks, flowers, table cloth, etc. Very civilised!

Fine Dining Winners
13 July 2017 Year 4: Niamh Evans, Daisie-Mai Goodall-Turner, Nina Grabos, Isabel Herron, Lily McManus, Weronika Modzelewska, Evie Parkes, Maia Rabone, Tulsi Thacker.
7 July 2017 Lukas Fitzpatrick, Sean Dempsey, Louis Froelich, Declan Montgomery, Trixie Kilner, Amelie Loydall, Charlotte Pheasant, Lauren Smith.
29 June 2017 Juliano Calado, Angelo Laye, Amber Robbins, Oliva Rust, Abigail Stevenson, Nathan Williams, Minnie Woodhouse, Daniel Yankov.
22 June 2017 Year 1: Alfie Jones, James Loydall, Jude Marson, Johnathan Nay-Knuppel, Amelia Rzeszutko, Amber Sutton, Sebastian Nay-Knuppel, Henry Rooney-Ellis.
25 May 2017 Year 5: Aleshia Biju, Nathalie Burns, Leah Charnock, Declan Colledge, Francis Crowley, Luke Doherty, Erin Fox, Raphael Kane.
18 May 2017 Year 4: Ryan Allard, Lucy Basford, Cezary Cybulski, Jessica Deery, Zuzanna Dominiak, Finnian Faria, Krista Ghann, Sebastian McMahon.
12 May 2017 Olivia Allen, Samuel Attenborough, Jessica Clarke, Alfie Clifton-Chan, Harry Coales, Orla Crowley, Isabella Garcia-Moya, Bethany Geddes.
5 May 2017 Ava Bailie, Oscar Cielecki, Betsy Deery, Oskar Fleetwood, Bobby-Lee Goodall-Turner, Angelo Laye, Bella Powell, Amber Robbins.
27 April 2017 From Year 1: Hubert Cybulski, Edward Deery, Alex Fleetwood, Hector Hughes, Pahul Mutti, Penny O’Neill, Elspeth Pheasant, Cara Richardson.
17 March 2017 From Year 5: Isabella Norris, Ciaran Richardson, Louis Russell, Hugo Sandilands, Emily Smyth, Alisa Soji, Leila Stalker, Ethan White.
9 March 2017 From Year 4: Jotham Akinremi, Aiden Arul, Jack Jones, George Morris, Katie Robinson, Emily Pierzchala, Claudia O’Neill, Efosa Benson.
6 March 2017 Zack Andia, Alan Bukatko, Isla Jamieson, Rudi Kelcher, Joshua Sammons, Emily Spilletts, Eloise Thompson, Clodhagh Wynne.
16 February 2017 From Year 2: Ben Allard, Patryk Bielecki, Juliano Calado, Miley Ellis, Cara Flint-Francis, Connie Fox, Ellie Jennings, Tate McMahon.
9 February 2017 From Year 1: Joachim Akinremi, Jack Attenborough, Austin Bishop, Freya Bishop, Caelan Curran, Maddison Grimsley, Rose Harrison, Macie-Marie Melvin.
3 February 2017 Oscar Deery, David Donkor, Naveah Ellis, Lilly Fleetwood, Sophie Fletcher, Jakub Jedrzejczak, Sope Johnson, Jasmine McGrath.
26 January 2017 From Year 6: Elizabeth Asante, Meme Benson, Rugby Coulson, Olivia Deery, Michael Fell, Isaac Herron, Rose O’Hagan, Yanna Villasis.
19 January 2017 From Year 5: Ambrose Deery, Molly Johnson, Harry Moors, Connie Palmer, Daniel Pratt, Megan Robinson, Kieran Sintim-Missah, Amelie Taylor.
12 January 2017 From Year 4: Lucy Basford, Jack Bower, Patrick Coulson, Ava Deery, Sebastian Durrant, Lacie Gallagher, Alice Hamill, Edward Stevenson.
1 December 2016 From Year 3: Alfie Clifton-Chan, Sean Dempsey, Leticia Fidalgo, Trixie Kilner, Declan Montgomery, Charlie Pratt, Kiersten Sintim-Missah, Ruby-Mae Vince.
24 November 2016 From Year 2: Ava Bailie, Oscar Cielecki, Betsy Deery, Oskar Fleetwood, Teddy Mason, Amber Robbins, Zachary Taylor, Minnie Woodhouse.
17 November 2016 From Year 1: Hubert Cybulski, Edward Deery, Alfie Jones, James Loydall, Penny O’Neill, Elspeth Pheasant, Amelia Rzeszutko, Amber Sutton.
10 November 2016 From Reception: Prince Antwi Boasiako, Bedford Bawuah, Raffaella Bianco, Adon Biju, Harry Bowns, Olivia-Mae Charles, Isabella Coates, Kyler Cuaresma.